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Country Oak

Country Oak

Retail Price : $4395
Perfect Price: $2198.00
Discount: 50%

This solid oak cabinet combines traditional style with lasting quality. A practical light wood finish coats the interior of the cabinets, while the exterior is tinted a warm, honey color. The Country Oak series offers durability that will make them a lasting fixture in your home while imbuing any room with charm.

Face Frame
Door Overlay
3/4" Thick Fully Adjustable
Drawer Box Construction
Cabinet Box Construction
All Plywood
Drawer Glides
Side-Mount, Epoxy Coated Glides
Door Hinges
Standard Close
Cabinet Interior
Natural Wood Veneer
KCMA Certified

CNC is pleased to offer factory assembled cabinets that are Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association certified. KCMA certified cabinets are recognized in the marketplace as a quality product able to perform after a rigorous battery of tests simulating years of household use. For more information, please visit www.kcma.org/consumers.

KCMA’s rigorous; in-laboratory compliance program measures the integrity of our cabinets through five tests covering cabinet structure, door and drawer operation and the cabinetry finish.

  • Our cabinets go through a variety of weight tests to ensure they are safe, sturdy and durable for our customers. Falling cans, your china collection and even grabbing a hold of a cabinet door during a fall are no match for our KCMA certified cabinets.
  • Next our cabinet doors are slide tested for 25,000 cycles. That’s 25 years’ worth of use in an average family home. Our KCMA-certified cabinetry will keep pace with your active lifestyle.
  • Third, we swing test our cabinets to avoid the shoddy look of loose or unaligned cabinet doors that often occur over time. KCMA certification ensures our cabinetry operates flawlessly with no signs of damage or looseness.
  • Next we test the finish of our cabinets to ensure they can stand up to real-world use. The KCMA test exposes cabinetry to such stain threats as vinegar, grape juice, coffee, alcohol and even mustard for varying amounts of time.
  • Finally we heat test our cabinets to prove they can handle the inevitable temperature hazards in your kitchen with no discoloration or blistering.
KCMA Certificate